Forex strategies revealed as the name suggests is a trading community that’s focussed purely on strategies and systems. There isn’t much in the way of tools or content outside of that and the website itself is extremely simple and designed to be easy to use and navigate.

There’s the occasional blog posting on the front page which will tend to briefly look at a specific area of trading but as suggested above it’s by no means exhaustive because the core focus of the website is just the strategies.

Once you get past the initial introductions and “What is Forex” style articles you get to the strategy section which is split into 4 parts, basic, simple, complex and advanced. There’s between 17 and 51 different strategies explained in each section so plenty there to keep you busy!

The strategies are generally provided by the community and then commented on and discussed in the relevant sections below. The guy behind the website is called Edward Revy and he contributes to those discussions regularly which is good to see because it’s always nice to have a link to a trader who’s using some of the strategies live when you need advice.

He’s also put together 5 free videos that cover some of the basic points of Forex trading. None of it’s particularly groundbreaking stuff but having live video can be an infinitely better way to learn than just reading and looking at pictures so even though it’s not extensive it’s still handy.

Lastly and as is generally the case with any social trading site there’s a pretty extensive forum. Forum’s can be brilliant or awful depending on the participants but in my experience the forum’s here are very helpful and since the whole point of the website is to develop winning trading strategies the best thing you can do once you’ve found one that you like the look of is go into the forums, find the relative thread and start to learn the strategy in greater detail with other like minded individuals.

The danger with this type of website is that you waste too much time jumping from system to system trying to find that holy grail. We know that it doesn’t exist so the best advice I can give is to settle on one that seems logical and more importantly fits your personal style and situation and then just run with it.

In conclusion this website is another handy tool to have in your armoury but please heed the advice above and don’t get sucked in too much.

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