Market watch is a popular news website that aims to cover all news and economic info that affects the financial markets worldwide and it’s linked to the wall street journal.

The layout is fairly hectic since it covers an awful lot of information but once you get used to it all it’s fairly easy to navigate around. There’s the latest news ticker at the top of the page that as the name suggests shows you what the most recent information is and what minute that news was updated. Directly next to the it on the left you can see basic information regarding the worldwide trading sessions and which one is currently active.

Below this on the main bar is where the main sections are listed. They allow you to pinpoint which type of news you’re specifically after as well as narrow your search down to political factors or industrial information and so on.

The news can also be chosen by world sector so if you’re trading the European session for example you can just focus on the relevant fundamental data.

Scrolling further down you can see some basic pricing information for some of the major world markets although the focus tends to be more on equities than Forex. You can also get detailed market commentaries from various analysts and various forms of investment advice if desired.

All in all I would consider Marketwatch a handy tool for any kind of private investor but if you’re primarily a Forex trader be aware that a lot of the information won’t be relevant to you. I would advise you to totally ignore the commentaries and equity data and instead use Marketwatch as a tool to give you a further understanding of the economic releases that drive the Forex markets.

As with all of these websites it’s about picking and choosing the information that’s relevant to you because if you’re not careful it can just become overwhelming and confusing and actually hinder your trading success.

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