Online trading academy is an educational trading service that was started by Sam Seiden who’s a world renowned trader who got his start on the Chicago mercantile exchange. They offer a variety of courses in their various trading centres around the world focussing on Sam’s supply and demand methodology as well as a selection of online only courses.

The courses themselves range from the expensive to the very expensive so you would certainly have to think long and hard before signing up for one however they offer a massive amount of content for free on the website. What’s surprising is that the free content they offer actually lays the strategy out in full if you work through it all, it’s certainly not just filler to try and get you to sign up for a course as you might expect at first.

You do need to sign up to the website in order to access the free information which is fair enough but once you do you can navigate around the site and look in the free resources section at your leisure. The best part in my opinion is the recordings section because it contains about 30-40 individual hour long webinars by Sam himself that really explain his thinking in excellent detail.

The website also offers various trading resources and the ability to sign up for free live seminars that explain their services in greater detail if you’re interested. I’ve been along to one myself and although they were quite pushy about their courses (to be expected I suppose) they once again gave away an awful lot of the info for free.

They have a feature called lessons from the pros which is a regular article from the various online trading academy tutors covering all sorts of different trading aspects so these are well worth a look as well.

You do need to keep in mind at all times with online trading academy that they’re essentially trying to get you to sign up to a very expensive course but like I said I wouldn’t let that put you off. There’s plenty of important lessons about successful trading littered throughout the website if you have the time and patience to work through it all.

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