describe themselves as “The beginners guide to Forex trading”. They have a variety of tools to aid potential traders and most notably they have an extremely extensive trading school which most important is completely free to sign up too and follow.

The school itself is split into 8 sections which are named Pre-school, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle school, Summer school, High school, Undergraduate and Graduation. These obviously aim to tackle more and more advanced subjects at each stage.

Once you’ve signed up to babypips and started working through the school the website monitors and tracks how far you’ve got so that you can spread it out and complete the sections at your own speed. The content is extremely comprehensive and in my opinion it includes a lot of trading information that I would consider pretty unimportant but at least if it covers everything you can pick and choose exactly what you want to pay attention too.

The site also includes a forum as is normal and the forum’s split into various sections for people seeking specific info such as fundamental analysis or technical analysis. There’s also a thread purely for questions so that can be helpful when you’re finding your way around.

Much like Forex factory they also provide their own economic calendar which allows you to plan your day around the major news releases, particularly handy for a day trader.

Another feature they have that I haven’t seen on many other trading sites is a detailed “Forex encyclopaedia” which allows you to search for the meanings of the various terms you hear when reading and talking about Forex. A lot of these are taken for granted but for a brand new trader it can be difficult remembering them all at first.

The last major part of the site is the blog section. There’s currently 13 different blogs that are run by traders who all approach the markets in a slightly different way. It can be very handy to follow someone live putting into practice some of the tools that you’re studying in the school section but as always we each have different tastes so certain blogs that appeal to me might not be your cup of tea.

In conclusion, babypips is another handy resource to have when you’re learning to trade as long as you don’t mind wading through a lot of average info in order to get to the good stuff

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