ProRealTime is one of the leading web-based charting software services. They offer their own workstation and mobile trading facilities, as well as supplying charting software to other brokers and platforms. In particular, they offer their charting packages to various UK based spread-betting companies.

I have extensive experience using the ProRealTime software and one of the huge benefits that I’ve taken advantage of is just how customizable it is. You can develop indicators to match your needs much like on MT4, however in the case of ProRealTime they can actually custom build indicators for you if you’re an account holder. I personally requested a pivot indicator because the one on there by default didn’t quite meet my needs and they promptly coded and delivered to me an updated one which met my needs perfectly.

I’ve always been extremely impressed by the customer service in general. They have dealt with any problems I’ve had in the past promptly and professionally and as mentioned above are willing to put time in to satisfy your trading needs.

Onto the software itself. Some of the features it includes are the ability to do simulation trading (paper trading), an extensive social trading network, tools to aid your technical analysis, ProScreener which allows you to quickly search through a range of markets for certain criteria, and the ability to backtest your customised indicators and strategies. There’s many more features that are too extensive to mention here, so you can be pretty sure that if you need something it’s in there somewhere.

ProRealTime allow you to sign up for a free account which allows you to access end-of-day data for as long as you want with no obligations. If you wish to upgrade to a real-time data account the rates start at $26.89 a month and vary hugely depending on what markets you want to include and what type of account you want, from non-professional all the way up to a professional premium software licence. There is also a 7 day free trial available for real-time intraday data so there’s a great opportunity to put the services to the test without any financial risk. It’s safe to say that whatever level of investor you are your needs can be met with ProRealTime.

I personally highly recommend the services of ProRealTime. I’ve used them extensively and have always found them to be professional and of the highest quality. The only negative I can come up with is that depending on the package you want the pricing can be fairly high, particularly if you want the ability to trade a wide range of instruments. That being said, looking at the bigger picture your trading results can vary drastically depending on the quality of the software you use so although you might find other software that’s cheaper to use it will almost definitely pay off long term to invest in quality from the start.

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