Forex Yard is an online broker with a strong marketing presence in the industry, offering clients the chance to get in with the rest and trade on the biggest financial market of them all: The forex market. For those of you that are looking for a flexible, trading friendly broker, with good terms and even bonuses, you may want to co consider Forex Yard. Forex Yard has some good points going for them. Reasonably low minimum deposits, low spreads and good leverage, but they also offer big cash bonuses for new sign ups. Perhaps this is a more viable way of rewarding new customers instead of offering them large and risky leverage levels.

Forex Yard has low minimum spreads, which I am sure that both new and experienced traders will appreciate. Their spreads are between 3-5 pips, fixed, meaning you shouldn’t see them fluctuate wildly upon release of news, as is often the case with online brokers. The spreads are dependent on your type of account. As always bigger customers get better deals, but their mini accounts still offer a good deal.

Speaking of Mini accounts, you can open one with Forex Yard for only $100. There are several funding options available; All the standard Credit Cards, Check, Bank Wire, Paypal and even some more obscure online wallets and payment processors. Forex Yard is easy to sign up with and get started. That is a nice advantage for new traders.

What sets Forex Yard apart from many other traders that try to lure customers in with high leverage, which is not of much value unless you can pay the margin, is that Forex Yard offers cash bonuses instead. You can get either a 100% up to $300 bonus or a %10 up to $1000 bonus. The bonus amount will then have to be traded a certain number of times to be released into your account. I like this and it’s an extra motivation to sign up for Forex Yard.

Forex Yard also offers an abundance of educational material and you can tell that they have put time and money into it. Their guides, downloads and ebooks are free of charge for clients. I think, this shows good intentions on the part of Forex Yard. They want their traders to succeed and be happy. Win-Win situation. For new traders it can be worth to check out the interactive forex tutorial.

Forex Yard has three different account types: SuperMini, Professional and VIP. Each account offers different terms and benefits. Beginners and pro’s will be able to find an account type that matches their needs.

There are also some good tools available for free signals and technical analysis, but I have not had the chance to test it in depth.

You can also trade some commodities such as gold and oil

In conclusion, I would say that Forex Yard seems to be a good trustworthy broker that have taken the time to stand apart from the rest with their bonuses and good educational material. Try them out for a free demo account or a Mini account and make your own decision.

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