Ava Fx is a very respected online Forex broker, who offers forex trading opportunities to traders at all levels, amateurs and professionals alike. Ava FX is one of the few available retail brokers that offer professional, efficient and honest dealings to the general public. Ava Fx was founded by a group of forex marketing professionals looking to create a platform and broker that would be competitive and above all customer friendly. This is slightly different from most brokers, that are usually created by professional traders, more often that not in the corporate world. But that is not a bad thing at all actually, I have found that the marketing and customer experience these guys have, make for a very pleasant experience when it comes to user ability and customer support. Their experience from having years of contact with traders have given them a unique understanding of what traders really look for.

Ava Fx is an established and well supported broker with good credentials. They are backed by a large European financial group, that has assets under management of over $16 billion. In these times, that’s a good reassurance that they will not risk going bankrupt. They are also rated very high in the S&P Credit Rating index (AA, 3’rd highest). Their credentials are easily checked and are impressive.
So, enough about the corporate background. What do I think of the actual broker and platform?

I did some tests myself and also convinced a friend of mine, a professional forex trader, to try out the platform for a few months, long enough to get a real feel of the broker. My friend has now traded for almost 3 months and reports that he has been generally very satisfied, has had no problems with fallouts or connection and that the order execution has been fast and efficient, with only one exception where the platform seemed to lag giving him a worse price than he should have. He then contacted support and once it had been confirmed, they reimbursed him the lost profit. Very professional customer service.

I also ‘grilled’ their customer service with some tough questions about their financial and corporate dealings, that I know some brokers do not like to disclose, but they were friendly and gave me the information I wanted, and if they could not provide it they were professional about explaining why.

On their website, Ava FX, states that their platform is designed to provide integrity and fairness in all dealings, and from my experiences, they do deliver that. Their platform is easy to use and advanced enough to offer value for experienced traders.

They offer several different account types to meet the needs of their traders, and I am sure you would be able to negotiate terms if you trade large volumes.

For beginners they also have free fully functioning demo accounts, where you can practice before jumping in with the sharks.

In conclusion, I recommend Ava FX as a broker. I have not had any problems with them and they seem legit and professional.

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