Alpari is another well known forex broker that uses the Metatarder 4 platform. It’s one of the most commonly used brokers out there and has a large market share.

A quick scan around various review sources and forums will show you that people have fairly mixed experiences with Alpari. Many people use them as their main broker but just as many if not more seem to experience problems with them.

You have to keep in mind when you read comments online that traders have a habit of blaming their platform when their results don’t go well and more often than not its nonsense. In particular, when I hear people complain about their brokers manipulating prices and things like that I’m very sceptical because that seems like a pretty drastic measure for a broker to take just to sabotage a few retail traders.

That being said some of the complaints against Alpari are consistent and genuine problems. The execution speeds seem to regularly be poor and this is one of the most crucial things for a broker to get right, particularly if you’re a day trader. I’ve also heard multiple reports of poor customer service particularly in relation to execution speed complaints and issues. The company line seems to be that if there’s a problem it’s with your own internet connection or computer because the execution their end is fine.

That’s all well and good but if a large number of people are having the same problem it suggests something else is going on and it could be an issue with their software.

The platform itself ticks all the other main boxes traders need like decent spreads, research tools, pro accounts with various benefits and mobile trading facilities so it’s certainly worth some consideration as a broker but before you attempt to trade any kind of significant funds with them you obviously have to make sure that your executions are working well. It could well be compatibility problems with certain peoples computers or certain internet providers but something as critical as execution speed isn’t something you can afford to get wrong.

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