Forex market is very big and there are lots of trading platform for the traders. If you are trading in Forex, you will find that you will be offered many types of a trading platform by your brokers. Not all of them are equally useful but there are also many platforms which are called automated trading platforms. These platforms are called automated trading platform as you can make your money with these platforms easily when they predict the future market trends for you. Traders spent a big part of their trading time analyzing and reading the Forex charts. If you could know what the future trend of the market is, it could save you a lot of time in your trades. This is what automated trading platform do and many traders are now using these automated trading platforms. This article is about if these platforms are good or bad for your career. Many people are interested in these trading platforms and you should know before you are using these trading platforms.

The manual trading system is always considered as the best way to trade the live asset. Some traders often say that EAs and bots are way more profitable than the manual trading system. But if it was so then no one in this world would advertise the huge amount of money tell their automated trading software. The professional traders know very well that without understanding the sentiment of the market it will be nearly impossible for the trader to make a profit on a regular basis. For this very reason, the automated trading system never works in this market. However, if you still not sure about the automated trading system then you can try this thing for two months and you will eventually come to a conclusion that it’s just a waste of money and time.

Human intellect

As a human being, we have the capability to make a major decision with a fraction of a second. In CFD trading, it’s highly imperative that you execute our trade with an extreme level of precision. So before you even start to trade this market make sure that you have a stable trading strategy based on the manual trading system.

They can only predict to certain extent

The program of an automated trading platform is made by some programmers in a lab. You cannot expect these trading platforms to predict the future trends right at every time when you are trading. You will see that most trading platforms say they can tell the trends most of the time perfectly. They are also tested with the history of past trading in Forex. They can predict the future trends but only to some certain extent in markets when the market trend and pattern fall under their category of market analyses. If it does not fall, these trading platforms may tell you wrong trends which can lose your money.

Mostly limited, only successful sometimes

These trading platforms are very limited. They are not made by some artificial intelligence and they have no mind in their own. If you try to trade the market by taking help from these trading platforms, you will find that you are placing wrong trade most of the times. If you want to successfully trade the market with these automated trading platforms, you will be successful only sometimes. For your long-term uses, automated trading software is not good.

They are no good when it comes to traders

This automated trading software is no match when it comes to human traders in Forex. The traders can make their trades better by analyzing the market, using strategies and placing their own trades. If you want to use automated trading software, you will know that you are going to lose your money as software cannot replace the traders in Forex. You can take help from them for knowing the trends and patterns but you should not use them for

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