What is technical analysis in stock trading?

Technical analysis is one of the many tools used by investors, financial advisors, and other professionals to make educated investment decisions.   Technical analysis uses historical price data about an asset (stock, bond, currency, futures contract) to forecast its future price movements. Technical analysts believe that price movement is caused […]

Types of Volume Indicators that Traders can Use in their Technical Analysis

Volume indicators are playa crucial part of technical analysis but many traders ignore them. Apart from facilitating the confirmation of patterns and trends, the volume demonstrates the total stocks sold and bought in the market at a particular period. Traders can then leverage that data to assess other trader’s perceptions […]

Understanding Technical and Fundamental Analysis

When trading forex, you will come across the terms technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is a trading style based on volume data or stock price. It is used to identify trading prospects and evaluate investment opportunities. It does this by assessing statistical trends obtained from trading activity. It uses […]